The origins of what has become today’s nurses organization from the Ljubljana region date back to the 27th of November 1927 when the first professional organization of nurses was founded in Ljubljana – »the organization of Nursing School Graduates«. One could talk about the origins for several reasons – the school and the pertaining organization were founded in Ljubljana, all its legal successors are from Ljubljana, all activities and organising of the profession was directed in Ljubljana (to be spread by individuals nationwide), in the aftermath of the Second World War the initiative for a national nurses organization again came from Ljubljana, the societal changes and health schools outside Ljubljana increased the number of nurses in Slovenia (which required an organization which would function regionally).

In 1952 the organization of Nursing School Graduates (in 1958 it became the Nurses Society of Slovenia) still has its seat and managing board in Ljubljana; in 1963 the circumstances required the foundation of the Association of Nurses Societies of Slovenia, which enabled the registration of eight independent societies. In line with this, the first to organise themselves in the independent Nurses Society of Ljubljana were the nurses in the municipalities of Ljubljana in 1964, followed by nurses in the Ljubljana district in1966.

The 27th of November 1927 is undoubtedly a red-letter date for nurses in the Ljubljana region and for the Association of Nurses, Midwives and Health Technicians of Slovenia. The foundations and legal basis for the independent society in Ljubljana were provided by the founders’ meeting of nurses from the Ljubljana region on the 31st of March 1964 in Ljubljana.

The circumstances and the activities of our predecessors in the wider Ljubljana region bore abundant fruit from the thirties of the last century on; the ideas and decisions which were made in the decades that followed shaped our profession.

The presidents of the Society:

  • Marija Oblak (the Nurses Society Ljubljana Šiška – Bežigrad, 1964/66),
  • Maruša Schoolar (The Nurses Society Ljubljana, 1966/67),
  • Marija Vujičič (The Nurses Society Ljubljana, 1967/68),
  • Mira Pridgar (The Nurses Society Ljubljana, 1968/70),
  • Olga Pivk Vidmar (1970/72),
  • Vida Saje (The Nurses Society Ljubljana, 1972/75),
  • Marija Bulatovič (The Nurses Society Ljubljana, 1975/78),
  • Nada Čibej (The Nurses Society Ljubljana, 1978/80),
  • Mara Hostnik (The Nurses Society Ljubljana, 1980/82),
  • Ana Hladnik (The Nurses Society Ljubljana, 1982/84),
  • Marija Pepevnik (The Nurses Society Ljubljana, 1984/86),
  • Duška Vreg (The Nurses and Health Technicians Society Ljubljana, 1986/91),
  • Jelka Mlakar (The Nurses and Health Technicians Society Ljubljana, 1991/97),
  • Darinka Klemenc, from 1997  (the Nurses, Midwives and Health Technicians Society Ljubljana).
  • Đurđa Sima from 2008

Clubhouse pictures