Sport activities

The Nurse and Midwifery Organisation of Ljubljana began introducing sport activities some years ago in order to motivate our members for regular exercise, that is at least three times a week at regular intervals.

It is important that exercise is planned and of appropriate duration. We prepare various lectures on a healthy diet, sufficient intake of non-alcoholic beverages, and exercises. Our members are familiarised with the use of pulsimeters and the importance of their use. We perform a physical fitness test (measured during inactivity) and a popular test with a two-kilometre walk. During these activities we regularly cooperate with sport education professionals.

We plan several activities throughout the year, which are adjusted to different individuals and groups by determining appropriate pulse rates. The activities are mountaineering, hiking and supervised exercise. So far we have organised numerous trips in both low mountain range and high-mountains.

Every Thursday we provide free individual treatment at the premises of the Nurse and Midwifery Organisation of Ljubljana. We measure pulse during inactivity, give advice on appropriate exercises and a healthy lifestyle, and recommend the ideal pulse rate during exercise.

We have also begun with an organised participation at mass sports events, such as the Walk along the Wire memorial event on the Ljubljana’s Path of Remembrance and Comradeship.

Đurđa Sima, sport activities


All our activities are available to non-members or people in the wider Ljubljana region.