International collaboration

The organisation has in recent years expanded the scope of its activities so as to participate in the international arena; it has, among other things, signed the agreement on professional cooperation with Serbian nurses, which is the first agreement of its kind in Slovenia. We have established genuine professional and social bonds by participating at professional meetings in Serbia for several years, among these were the first official visit and cooperation in Belgrade in 2003, organising »the Slovenia Nursing Care Day« in 2004 in Zlatibor, visiting the Clinical Centre in Sarajevo the same year, participating at the professional meeting of the Nurses and Health Technicians Society of Belgrade in 2005, there was also another active participation in Zlatibor in 2006.

The visits and professional cooperation is still on-going. In accordance with the agreements signed between the Association of Healthcare Professionals of Belgrade and the Association of Healthcare Professionals of Serbia there are regular annual visits and active appearances of members of both associations.

The activities in the cooperation with the Croatian Nurses Association and the Association of Nurses, Midwives and Health Technicians of the Republika Srpska and our associations have been ongoing for almost a decade.

We should not forget to comment on the active participation of our members at numerous international meetings and events organised by the ICN, as well as by other international organisation and professional associations of nurses and midwives, where both our leadership and members successfully represented our profession and our organisation.