Personal Growth and Development in Nursing and Midwifery Care

V želji po boljši kakovosti življenja, krepitvi zdravja ter pozitivne samopodobe naših članov in članic že nekaj let organiziramo aktivnosti s področja osebnostne rasti in razvoja v zdravstveni in babiški negi.

Modern society pressures an individual into an ever greater performance, which puts the professions in the public service under an even greater pressure. Professions in the field of nursing and midwifery care are one of the most noble and at the same time most challenging.  In their daily lives, nurses and midwives are committed to be available to their patients, even in their free time. They enter the most intimate spaces of an individual; they face many physical and emotional distresses. As a result, our members show an increased need and desire for professional and personal growth and development in this field. In order to improve the quality of life, strengthen the health and positive self-image of our members, we have been organising activities in the field of personal growth and development in nursing and midwifery care for several years.

Due to the demands from our environment, the time in which we live and the needs for constant adjustment a special emphasis should be placed on mutual relations, especially the relationship with ourselves, those in the immediate family, between colleagues, and friends. We have organized a series of lectures on the topics of stress and disease management, health promotion, strengthening mutual relations and self-awareness. In the past years our members were introduced to autogenic training, body language, communication techniques, etc. Through the workshops we learned about the power of closeness, awakened mindfulness, learned about assertive communication, and got to know ourselves and others.

Our activities are on-going and carried out in accordance with the needs and wishes of our members.

Nada Sirnik